About us

Who we are
What we do
Our values

Who we are

We are a diverse group of people gathered at the Helsinki Architectural Office. We are one of the largest and most prominent companies in the field. Our premises, situated in Helsinki, is home to 70 architects, assistant designers and other employees.

We specialise in housing, hotel and commercial design as well as city and land use plans. We offer design services for construction professionals such as major building companies, property owners, and impressive developing companies. We create new types of urban environments while always respecting sustainable principles in our designs. We believe that with better design and better building, a better world can be created.

What we do

The tightening urban structure challenges the design of new construction and implementation. Technological advances open up new opportunities for design through accurate simulations. Better thought out architecture helps reduce the environmental impact of construction and operation. We want to be at the forefront of this development.

Our team has top level expertise in many areas of design:
Hotels & Leisure
Land use & Urban planning
Main design
Urban design

Our values


All work activities can be reduced down to encounters with people. We meet and work together on a daily basis with numerous parties; customers, the professional community, authorities, users, visitors and the general public.

Cooperation between people requires an atmosphere of trust. We cherish honesty and respect for the individual.


Society is now – and in the future will be more – built on knowledge and information. We produce data ourselves and use open data in our work. We do it openly by sharing our experiences and understanding, for the benefit and development of our community and partners as well as the entire industry.

The transparency of processes and design solutions are important to us. We invest in communication that is continuous and clear whether it is face to face, in writing or visual in nature.


The human environment suffers from human choices. It is our duty to be involved in combating (and minimizing) the disadvantages of our profession.

We are also responsible for the livelihood of our employees and their families, today and tomorrow. We strongly believe that a trustworthy, comfortable, suitably challenging and demanding professional environment can ensure work is at its best from day to day.

We take our employer’s role seriously and we want to be the best employer in the industry.


Only change is permanent. We encourage people to try out new patterns of work, learn at work, and look ahead. Challenging and re-thinking truths require courage. Courage is also associated with the ability to tolerate the uncertainty and mistakes that are part of life. Courage also means being able to live with change and change and develop itself. We offer support for this.