Henrik Simelius, Partner, Architect SAFA


Me and AS&H

I had previously worked at large architect offices and was all set to continue along the same path. In 2011, I had a job interview in one of the largest offices, when positive stories about AS&H (then Inter-Arch) began to emerge from the grapevine. Soon I started as a consultant at AS&H. At that time, there were about ten employees. In 2017, I moved to AS&H’s payroll as a team leader, so I became Ashish.

Work inspiration

I am inspired by good architecture and the multi-step, multidisciplinary paths that lead to it. Sometimes I wonder how buildings can be completed when designing must take into account the wishes of the client and the contractor, other designers, legislation, economic matters, etc. So many cooks.

Information technology is developing at a furious pace, especially in our industry, and I am interested in how this can be exploited for our work. An example of this is the potential for parametric design and the use of data to refine project plans. Exploiting the next generation of technical know-how raises thoughts and opportunities.

I am excited about the development of our working culture. For my part, I try to develop our working culture through resourcing, ie work planning. As long as the work is planned on a long-term basis, work peace is maintained and the quality of work is improved. Transparency contributes to the development of a good working culture.

Work appreciation

I value our knowledgeable and professional staff combined with our good and relaxed working atmosphere. This is not an obvious and easy equation. The architect industry is currently an employee’s market and I am glad that we have AS&H have a small staff turnover in spite of this.

Proud of projects

This changes every day. My most recent completed project is always at the top of my pride chart. My last one, Aviabulevardi II, was a successful project in many ways, equal though there was still a lot to learn for future projects. Projects are always a team effort, and I take pride in this too.


My interests and hobbies have changed during the years but there are a few that I’m still active with. My dearest hobbies are fishing, woodworks and different food cultures. I used to be an active basketball player, nowadays I have moved to the stand.