Jaakko Hassi, Partner, Architect SAFA


Me and AS&H

I started working with Architects Soini & Horto Oy in Spring 2014 after my colleague Marja-Liisa Honkanen encouraged and inspired me to join the team. Before AS&H, I worked at Arkkitehtitoimisto Innovarch in a leadership position and as a designer of commercial buildings. Ever since starting at AS&H until the beginning of 2020 I have worked as the main designer of Tripla’s central block. Now that the Tripla project is finished, I have started to work on some commercial building projects and a new exciting hotel project.

Work inspiration

I enjoy problem-solving together with the customer as well developing architect and main designing operations. I am always inspired by well-designed and executed buildings, whether they are new or old.

Work appreciation

I value openness, honesty, and a sense of responsibility.

Proud of projects

What I am most proud of is my family. I also feel proud when I meet old employers as there is always a positive vibe – I must have done something right. All projects that I have been a part of are important and make me proud.


At the moment my priority is to have more time for my family, friends, colleagues, and new interesting projects now that the huge Tripla project has ended.