Feeling comfortably small – The visual clues used in Tripla help to perceive the space


Inside Tripla, the biggest shopping centre of the Nordic countries, is a lively city atmosphere where the locals and visitors get to use the services. Architects Soini & Horto has designed the building that is particularly large for the usual Finnish-scale, and special attention has been paid to make Tripla’s open spaces easily perceivable for the visitors.

For large groups, it’s important to have well-functioning and easy-to-navigate space to ensure a smooth traffic flow. The designing of the space needed to consider how to ensure that visitors feel comfortable and good.

– We used a traditional two-corridor structure for Tripla’s design. This model is clear thanks to the ample spaces and the entrances that are located at the same spot on both sides of the building. Therefore, it is easy for someone entering the space to know where the next exit is, says Kalle Soini, who leads the architects behind the project and is the chairman of the board of Architects Soini & Horto Oy, who are in charge of the main design of Tripla.

– It’s natural that people feel small in expansive spaces. Our aim with Tripla’s design has been that the space creates a pleasant feeling of smallness by offering numerous and clear visual clues to inform people where in the mall they currently are.

The design of Mall of Tripla has made sure that there are many consistent and detailed visual clues have been repeated throughout.

– One can pay attention to, for example, the ceiling patterns of different floors and their colour schemes, or the surrounding wall coverings that have different colour surfaces. The colours create an atmosphere and also communicate the feeling of the shopping centre, helping a visiter move in the space, says Kalle Soini.