ARCO is born


Tuesday 14th September 2021, 10.00 EEST

Three of Finland’s top firms merging to form the largest architectural firm in Finland

The Finnish architecture scene will receive a new operator that invests in ambitious and forward-moving architecture. ARCO Architecture Company will be established from the merger of Aihio Arkkitehdit, Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto, and Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects.

ARCO will unite the expertise and unique project portfolio of the three firms, thus forming a never-before-seen operator in the Finnish market. The merging of the three firms will generate a community of approximately 190 professionals, which will result in the largest architectural firm in Finland. The aim is to strengthen the development of the entire line of business and the Finnish architectural know-how.

Aihio Arkkitehdit, Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto, and Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects regard each other as exciting partners and the combination of all three firms as an amalgamation that will enrich everyone. The merger will be enabled by the Finnish private equity firm Intera Partners.

All three firms share the planning expertise of complex entities. Aihio Arkkitehdit are also known for university and hospital projects and their cooperation with international architectural firms, Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto from their renovation and hotel cases, and Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects from their competition success and multipurpose blocks.

The executive board of ARCO will include Chief Executive Sami Horto, Director of Development Kalle Soini, Directors of Architecture Tom Cederqvist and Vesa Jäntti, and the Director of Architecture at the Tampere office Timo Meuronen.

”Broader shoulders will allow us to better serve our customers efficiently and comprehensively, and to produce ambitious architecture,” says Vesa Jäntti. ”Size will provide us and our clients with whole new benefits: we can invest on a whole new level into know-how such as for example digital abilities and building information management. Especially vital for us is the elevation of design solutions in sustainable development up to a whole new level,” continues Kalle Soini.
”There already are encouraging examples of firms of this magnitude in other Nordic countries. Cases in Sweden and Denmark demonstrate that the size of the firm is not a threat to architecture, indeed quite the opposite,” says Sami Horto. ”The merging of office resources and expertise will give our operation exceptional conditions in the Finnish scale to develop our architectural know-how,” continues Tom Cederqvist.
”We want to be the base for sustainable and ambitious architecture and for the top specialist in the industry. Wider resources increase for example the reliability of delivery. Flexibility and agility, quality of service and versatility will increase,” summarizes Timo Meuronen.

ARCO wants to be the forerunner in Finnish architecture and the most interesting, efficient, and trustworthy operator in the field.

For further information:

Sami Horto (Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto), ARCO CEO, tel. +358 40 544 4234,
Kalle Soini (Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto), tel. +358 40 867 3146,
Tom Cederqvist (Cederqcist & Jäntti Architects), tel. +358 50 563 6169,
Vesa Jäntti (Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects), tel. +358 50 541 3170
Timo Meuronen (Aihio Arkkitehdit), tel. +358 50 5646776,
Tomi Terho (Intera Partners), p. +358 400 811 027,


– Founded in 1969/2011.
– Based in Tampere, Finland.
– Five partners, staff of approximately 80.
– Core competence i.a. demanding hybrid projects and regional development cases, e.g. Tampere Deck and Arena in collaboration with the world-renowned Studio Daniel Libeskind. Also known for university campus and school projects, complex hospital projects, which include e.g. TAYS psychiatric hospital in collaboration with Danish C.F. Møller Architects, and building near the railways and various infrastructure projects, such as the parking facility P-Hämppi selected as the Europe’s Best Parking Garage of the Year and Mattliden’s bridge which was selected as the Bridge of the Year.
– Dozens of successes in competitions and recipient of numerous awards for accomplished building and honorary mentions form the Municipal Environmental Committee of Tampere.

– Founded in 2007.
– Based in Helsinki, Finland.
– Five partners, staff of approximately 70.
– Strong commercial capacity, core competence in partnerships with real estate investors, commercial real estate properties, and hotels.
– Arkkitehdit Soini & Horton have designed i.a. the city center Tripla encompassing versatile features, wooden office building Portti in Keilaniemi, and Scandic Grand Central – transforming the historical Helsinki Central Station designed by Eliel Saarinen into a hotel.
– City centre Tripla won the design/execution competition in 2013 organized by City of Helsinki and Senate Properties. Tripla has been awarded i.a. the Award for the Glass Structure of the Year 2020, Plootu Fennica 2018 and Tekla BIM Awards 2019. Pyynikin Trikoo was awarded in 2020 an honorary distinction for accomplished construction.

– Founded in 2004.
– Based in Helsinki, Finland.
– Four partners, staff of approximately 50.
– Participated in national and international competitions in which has been awarded first place in 24 entries. Most notable of the competitions in past few years is the Suvilahti Event venue, Punos hybrid block in Itäkeskus, Lyyra block in Hakaniemi and Korsholma-bridge in Vaasa.
– Core competence in hybrid subjects in public transportation hubs located in an urban environment, multipurpose office spaces, residential buildings demanding head offices for international companies.
– Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects have designed i.a. Lauttasaari centre Lauttis, Pelagia-block in Sompasaari, and the Siilitie metro station, which was awarded the Steel Structure of the Year Award.

– Intera Partners is a responsible private equity firm focused on the growth of Finnish companies. Intera Partners was founded in 2007 and is owned by the key personnel of the company. Intera Partners owns target companies in Finland and Sweden. Trusts managed by Intera Partners are leading Nordic and European institutional investors.
– Investments typical for Intera are accelerating target companies’ growth, restructuring, and company generational change.