A city hub for a hundred years – Tripla adapts according to the needs now and in the future


The architect company in charge of designing Tripla, Architects Soini & Horto Oy, has paid special attention to both the expectations and needs of the customers and several stakeholders and the adaptability of the building. The aim is that the building is usable both now and in the future.

– This entity is designed to stay put and answer the needs of locals in 2120. It is true that we don’t know the future target groups or usage for the building for certain at this point, says the chairman of the board of Architects Soini & Horto Oy, Kalle Soini, SAFA architect, who is in charge of the main design of Tripla.

Kalle Soini has been working in the field since 1989 and sees the ability to discern large entities as a professional skill of architects. With this skill, a project in its designing phase can be fitted multi-dimensionally into today’s world and into the future. Preparing for functional, technical, or usage changes of the future is commonly known as adaptability in the field.

– Adaptability has been considered in the designing process of Tripla, so that the space and buildings could be utilized for different uses both in the near future and in a hundred years. Adaptability allows relatively easy changes of structure that can be made, for example, to create new business opportunities, Soini continues.