Sami Horto, Partner, Architect SAFA


Me and AS&H
Having my own architect firm has been my dream for a long time. When Kalle Soini proposed that we set up a joint office 12 years ago, I did not need to think long. The timing was good. The experience was sufficient. The age was right. Kalle was the right partner. There was a need and motivation to succeed. AS&H was born.

Work inspiration

My enthusiasm is driven by motivation. I always want to be motivated by my work again and again: “Who am I, if the eyes of those around me don’t shine?” someone once said. I also want to learn all the time. Every project teaches me new things and improves me as a person. The journey is always interesting. My inner motivation and inspiration comes from the importance of work, professionalism and working with top talents, and from the freedom to choose what I do and what I put my focus into.

Work appreciation

I know there is sometimes complacency associated with our profession, so I am very grateful to work with my AS&H colleagues. I value our culture, our strong ownership, and our commitment. There is also a motivation to do excellent, relevant work. It is not enough for me to get paid or to succeed. The biggest reward is getting good things done.

Proud of projects

The latest project is always the dearest as I put all into each project. Nowadays, I work on many projects at the same time. The most significant project I have completed is the much appreciated Bulevardi 26, or Indigo Hotel, a few years ago. I was the CEO of AS&H for ten years and during that time I did too little project work. After leaving the position of Managing Director and returning to project development, I find my work more rewarding. I’ve got to go back to why I started as an architect. The best is still to come.


Someone has called me a driving force. I believe I’m intuitive, at times also intense, and an extrovert living to the fullest. I do things with a full heart or do nothing at all.

Before my career as an architect, I also considered working as a teacher and reading history. I eventually chose architecture because construction is in our family. As the career progresses, the circle begins to complete in a fun way – I find coaching younger designers rewarding and some of my own projects have led me to historical sites. However, despite my career, I would define myself first and foremost through things that are not related to work. The best role in my life has been – and is – my role as a father. My four children have been my dearest project.