High-volume Tripla is a display of strength of the Finnish design


Dedicated to the design of Tripla since 2010, Architects Soini & Horto has solved challenges of the three-blocked cityhub with customers in mind. The main target group for Tripla is regular citizens whose paths cross daily through the Central Pasila. Annually, there is an estimated 40 million individual walkthroughs through the lively area.

– Tripla is part of the traffic flow in the area and combines services, workplaces, living, a hotel and shopping together – just like other city hubs have formed throughout history. Our job was to create a hub for citizens that also answers the needs of our customers, including, for example, the contractors and business owners, and improving their business opportunities, says Marja-Liisa Honkanen, the main designer of Tripla and a partner of Architects Soini & Horto.

In addition to its customer-oriented approach, the high volumes of people Tripla experiences have substantially affected the work of Architects Soini & Horto’s expert team, and as a result the city silhouette of Helsinki has gained an exceptional hub, particularly in the scale of Finland, with its own train station and possibility for an underground station in the future.

– With this giant project, we were able to develop a brand new way to solve and plan projects of this size in Finland, says Kalle Soini, the chairman of the board of Architects Soini & Horto Oy who is in charge of the architect design team for Tripla.

– Typically when designing a new project we can utilize old and proven-to-work solutions and ways of working. With Tripla this has, however, been impossible as the project is exceptionally large and diverse, and therefore the designing methods needed a whole new approach from the beginning, Soini continues.